WARNING:This actually happened to me in school. If you do not want to be surprised/grossed out/laughing to death/foolish for reading this, then you may leave. Other than that:Let's get this show on a roll!

REMINDER!:This actually happened to me at school on 9/21/15, so please be aware that this will be.......unusual to some people. So, now.....LET'S GO SHALL WE?! Lets!!!!!

Cast: Edit

Gumball (me)

Darwin (Evan)

Penny (Cheyanne)

Alan (Logan)

Carmen (Caroline) (See something similar here?)

Ocho (Jose)

Tina (Asjia)

Carrie (Cherlasyia) (See it again?)

Tobias (Cameron)

Molly (Jasmine)

Miss Simian (Mrs. Word)

The Thing That Happened: Edit

(We were in school, working on a Social Studies project, we were talking about multiple things, but I (Gumball) couldn't think. So, instead, I daydreamed about a dream I had on the 20th of September about my girlfriend, Cheyanne (Penny) hanging out with me. But I couldn't stop thinking about it so much, I was stressing with my work. Until, someone passed gas on accident)

everybody at Penny's table:EEEEWWWWW!

Gumball:(mouth opens wide in shock)

Tobias:Who did that?!

Alan:I think it was you Tobias.


Carmen:Because it came from your side.

Penny:Well it sure wasn't me!

Gumball:(in mind) I think it was Tobias. It can't be Penny! She's to BEE-U-TI-FULL! But if it was, (singsong autotune) I'll still love her anyway!

Carmen:It wasn't me. You know what? I think Penny's lying.

Penny:What?! Why would I lie?!

Alan:I still think it was Tobias.

Carmen:We have our own opinions. We'll drop it, for now. But we're not done with you yet Penny.

Gumball:Better start working, or else, I'm in trouble.

Ocho:(works silently)

Miss Simian:You have 2 more minutes to work on your project, or else, it's your homework.

Tina and Carrie:(STILL chit-chatting from the first minute of class)

Gumball:(in mind) Do they ever shut their mouths?! They've been talking for an HOUR NON-STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Penny's table gets settled down and continues working)

later that day......

(at lunch, I asked who cut the cheese a while back, and there were NUMEROUS answers! Well, only 2, but they answered the 2 MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!

Gumball:So who did it?


Alan:No, Tobias.

Carmen: Penny!= : (

Alan:Tobias!= : (P

(continue fighting even after I tell them my opinion)


Carmen:Actually, HOW could it have been TOBIAS if he was on the RIGHT side of her, when the sound came from HER DESK?!

Alan:Oh, haven't thought of that.

everyone involved except Penny:It was her?!

Penny:(ignores it)


Hope you enjoyed! This actually happened for those who forgot. C'ya next time! Peace! I I


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