The Vegas is an episode in The Amazing World of Gumball.
File:Caesars Palace.jpg


Nicole, Richard, Darwin, Gumball, Anais have a vacation to Las Vegas, NV but evil gumball comes and controls darwin's mind!




  • Nicole: What you much trouble?
  • Gumball: No. But, where they go?
  • Nicole: Las Vegas.
  • Gumball: Where is located?
  • Nicole: Clark County, Nevada.
  • Gumball: Oh, I'm know Nevada, but Las Vegas not.
  • Richard: Oh, is very impossible.
  • Anais: No, Daddy. It's city who have many casinos including Caesars Palace, Paris, Excalibur.
  • Darwin: Oh, much casinos.
  • Nicole: Quiet! I'm much driving in 6 hours.
  • All: Okay!
  • Gumball: Darwin watch this.
  • Gumball: (whispering to Anais) daisy is in the car.
  • Anais: HUH!
  • (Gumball and darwin giggle)
  • Anais: Hey! Not cool!
  • Nicole: Gumball don't do that to her!
  • Gumball: But that was pretty funny though.
  • Nicole: I dont care dont do that to her.
  • Gumball: (under his breath) stupid mother.
  • Nicole: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!!
  • Gumball: NOTHING!
  • (6 hours later)
  • Nicole: We're here!
  • Nicole: Now let's make sure everyone's here!
  • Nicole: Richard!
  • Richard: Here!
  • Nicole: Anais!
  • Anais: Here!
  • Nicole: Gumball!
  • Gumball: Here!
  • Nicole: Darwin!
  • (no resopnse from darwin)
  • Richard: Darwin whwre are you!
  • Anais: Gumball have you seen him?
  • Gumball: To be honest, No.
  • Nicole: hmmm where could he be?
  • Nicole: Richard and I will go to the checkout while Gumball and Anais look for Darwin.
  • All: Okay!
  • (Wattersons split up)
  • (meanwhitle at a HQ)
  • Evil Gumball: Ha ha ha I finally got you now darwin!
  • Darwin: What do you want from me!
  • Evil Gumball: I'm going to take control of you!
  • Darwin: No.. You.. WONT!
  • (darwin spits out a seed.)
  • (seed pushes the button.)
  • (darwin gets freed)
  • (Evil Gumball throws mind control seed at darwin's head.)
  • Darwin: Ow what was that.. for......
  • Evil Gumball: You are under my control!
  • Darwin: Im under your control.
  • Evil Gumball: I want you to destroy Gumball!
  • Darwin: Destroy Gumball, DESTROY Gumball, DESTROY GUMBALL!
  • (2 hours later)
  • Gumball: It's been two hours and we still havent found darwin.
  • Anais: There he is!
  • (darwin walking like a zombie)
  • Anais and Gumball: Darwin!
  • Anais: Where were you we were looking for you!
  • Darwin: destroy gumball!
  • Gumball: Okay cool joke darwin but seriously, let's go to the hotel.
  • Darwin: Destroy Gumball !
  • (gets hammer and tries to smash him)
  • Anais: Darwin want to destroy you.
  • Gumball: So he's not joking.
  • Anais: No... RUN!
  • (anais and gumball run while darwin chases them with a hammer)
  • chase music:
  • Gumball: Oh no it's a dead end!
  • Anais: We're Doomed!
  • (Darwin steps closer and is about to him them with a hammer)
  • (a bat knocks out darwin)
  • Richard: noboady hurts my kids!
  • Gumball and Anais: Dad!
  • Nicole: There's some kind of device on his head.
  • Anais: It's a mind control device. Evil Gumball mustve did this.
  • Voice: She's right!
  • (evil gumbal appears)
  • Nicole: You plated this all along!
  • Evil Gumball: Yes
  • Evil Gumball: and now i'm going to destroy you.
  • (slips on a banna peel and gets caught on a net.
  • Gumball: That was easy.
  • (evil gumball get arrested by cops)
  • Evil Gumball: I will get you back someday gumball watterson some day!......
  • (truck drives off)
  • (darwin wakes up)
  • Darwin: Ugh what happned?
  • Gumball: You were hynotized by evil gumball
  • Darwin: Oh I'm glad thats over.
  • Nicole: Now lets go back and enjoy our rest of the trip!
  • All: Yeah!
  • (Gumball and Darwin inside pool with lemonade)
  • Gumball: This is the best vacation ever!
  • Darwin: you said it.
  • (both cheers on their drinks.)
  • (episode ends)

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