(Scene begins with Gumball and Darwin fast asleep. It is morning. Darwin hears a strange noise and wakes up.)
Darwin: What was that?
(The strange noise sounds again.)
Darwin: (nervous) Psst! Psst!, Psst, Gumball! Gumball, th-th-there's a sound!
(Gumball is still asleep.)
Darwin: (nervously singing) There is a strange noise, it's creepy and weird and I don't like it, and...
Gumball, wake up!

Gumball: (talking in his sleep) Is that a unicorn?
Darwin: Gumball, wake up!
Gumball: (talking in his sleep) No, I'll wear the pink dress, who put my glasses on the cookie?
Darwin: WAKE UP, GUMBALL!!!!
(Gumball wakes up)
Darwin: I see that you can't sleep, either. (Gumball falls asleep again) But as long as you're up......(strange noise sounds again) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Gumball, wake up! (Gumball wakes up again) Listen, listen, listen, listen! (strange noise sounds again) (gasps) You see, Gumball? You see?
Gumball: (gasps)

(Gumball and Darwin are now walking down the stairs to investigate the mysterious noise.)
Darwin: (nervous) Um, G-G-G-G-Gumball?
Gumball: Yes?
Darwin: What if it's a scorpion?
Gumball: (shocked) A what?!
Darwin: A scorpion. Or it could be a goblin. There's lots of goblins around these parts, you know.
Gumball: Don't say that, Darwin!
Darwin: Or what if it's a big, poisonous, s-s-snake?
Gumball: Poisonous?
Darwin: Sharpening its teeth!
Gumball: Darwin!
Darwin: Or....or...or it could be......
(The noise turns out to be Anais blowing into a bottle.)
Darwin: Or it's Anais blowing into a bottle. That was my next guess.
Anais: I'm not blowing into a bottle. I'm practicing my new song!
Gumball: What kind of song is it, Anais?
Anais: It's majestic, and it's big and important...
Gumball: Uh, that sounds, um............
Anais: Majestic, right? Oh, but you know what? It's also a lovely song, it's simple, really.
Gumball: Okay.
Anais: And it's got a great beat, for those who love beats.
Gumball: Sure. So, then.........
Anais: Oh, and it'll make you laugh, and cry.....
Darwin: (groaning) Okay, we get it! When do we get to hear it?
Anais: Well, it's called "An Ode to Rainbows", as sung by Anais Watterson, accompanied by the bottle. (clears throat)
Red (blows bottle) (blows bottle)............yellow (blows bottle) (blows bottle) (blows bottle)............

Darwin: (turns to camera) Do you hear majestic? I don't hear majestic.
Anais: You know what? Let me try that again, okay? (clears throat)
Red (blows bottle) (blows bottle)............
You know what? I don't think this bottle is working. I mean, it's ruining my song!

Darwin: Oh. Oh, wait, wait, wait, I have a great idea! It's the best idea ever? Are you ready?
Gumball: Yes!
Darwin: The piano!
Gumball: (gasps) That is the coolest idea ever, Darwin! Let's go.

(Gumball is sitting at the piano, Anais is on top of the piano and Darwin is next to Gumball.)
Darwin: Okay, Anais, this is how your rainbow song should go.
Anais: But I already know what I want.
Gumball: (plays note on the piano) La, la, la, music for Anais' song..... Oh! I got it. (singing wistfully) Once there was a man named Roy G. Biv.....That's good, uh....he loved rainbows more than anything else in the world........
(Darwin pretends to sleep)
Gumball: What?
Darwin: (wakes up) Oh, I'm sorry. Was I snoring? Okay, move over, Gumball. I'll show you what you really want, Anais.
Anais: Well, I already know what I want.
Darwin: "An Ode to Rainbows", the improved version, by Darwin. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!
(stomping and pounding fists on random piano keys) RED! ORANGE! YELLOW! GREEN! BLUE! INDIGO! VIOLET! RAINBOWS! RAINBOWS! RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Okay, Anais, whose was better, mine or Gumball's? I vote for mine.

Anais: Well.....nobody's was better. I mean, Gumball's was kind of.....soft, and yours was a little loud.
Darwin: A little loud? Well, that's not good. I want it 100% loud.
Gumball: Darwin, you can't have a loud song about a rainbow. Obviously, Anais likes my tune better, but she wants it even softer.
Anais: Well, actually......
Darwin: I think she wants it louder.
Gumball: She wants it softer! In fact, the piano isn't even soft enough! Hold on, I'll be right back.
(Gumball leaves)

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