the TRUE / REAL zack Edit

TRUE / REAL zack occurs in a way simmlar to super gumball.

File:Megazack30 pic 1.png

it happens when he finds what he calls the 7 stars.

Upgraded PowersEdit

when in this TRUE / REAL mode, his fire powers improve 300%,

plus his flying is MUCH better.

he is also a LED mario in this form.

planed uses Edit


personality Edit

he kinda acts simlar to mario, but much meaner, he also tends to get upset in this form,

this normally decides to make him use his fire powers.

they can range anywhere from a simple fire-ball, to a hailstorm of fire.

thus making true / real zack one of gumball fanon randomness's most dangerous characters.

gallery Edit

File:Playing with fire.png