The Adventure is the second episode.


The BeginningEdit
  • Gumball: Hey Darwin, you want to have an adventure.
  • Darwin: Sure!
  • Anais: I'm coming too.
The Bus RideEdit
  • Gumball: We need transportation. [notices a bus driving down the road. He steps out into the street and blocks the bus' path] Stop the bus! [The Purple Moose, driving the bus, screams as he slams on the brakes. The bus slows down, but Gumball is still sent flying when the bus hits him. Richard forces the bus doors open & throws out the Purple Moose. Darwin & Anais enter the bus and drive away.]
  • Purple Moose: That's my bus! [Gumball drives recklessly down the street. However, he stops to pick up passengers, then continues ahead.]
  • [At the Fitzgerald backyard, Gumball has crashed the bus through the house. The Wattersons exit the bus.]
  • Mr. Fitzgerald: You! I should've known when I saw a bus driving into my living room that a Watterson would be at the wheel. And I told to stay away from my daughter! [he & Gumball fight & Penny sees this.]
Gumball: Dad!? What are you doing?!
Tobias[appears from the other side of the fence] Dad fight!
[A crowd appears and starts chanting "Dad fight". Richard and Mr. Fitzgerald notice things may have gotten out of hand]
Mr. Fitzgerald[whispers to Richard] This has escalated a little too far, do you really want to have a fight?
Richard[pretends that the fight were to happen, and ends up choking] Definitely not.
Mr. Fitzgerald: Look, just pretend to hit me with the handle, and I'll go down.
Richard: Good plan.
Mr. Fitzgerald: On three. One, two- [Richard hits him too early] Dugh! Ugh...
Crowd: Ohhhhhh!
Richard[whispers to Mr. Fitzgerald] Good acting.
Mr. Fitzgerald[opens an eye]
[Back at the Justice Department, the Cupcake Woman is reading to the Wattersons]
Cupcake Woman: December twenty-fourth, car collision with Santa Claus. February fifth, willful destruction of a mobility scooter. April second- [her phone rings, she answers it] Oh I see, thanks. [hangs up and writes]
Nicole: Sorry, what are you doing?
Cupcake Woman: Apparently your husband just crashed a hijacked bus into a house and assaulted a man with a rake.
Nicole[starts to lash out, but manages to restrain herself] Oh, you... [pats the Cupcake Woman]
Cupcake Woman: Mmhmm... [writes] Assault on a municipal officer.
Nicole[kneels] Oh come on, please. You have to help us! Is there something we can do to fix this?
Cupcake Woman: Well... I suppose you can go and apologize to everyone on this list to get them to drop the charges and forget about the millions of dollars you owe them.
Nicole: ...Great!
[Nicole grabs some papers and leaves with Anais. The Cupcake Woman is surprised, then sighs.]
Cupcake Woman: The problem with having a sarcastic voice is that no one can tell when you're actually being sarcastic.

Plan BEdit

[Gumball, Darwin and Richard in front of Elmore Junior High]
Gumball: Okay, we got off to a shaky start, but if we just pull together and stick to this new plan, I'm sure things are gonna go our way.
Darwin: So to recap, Gumball and I will sneak into the hospital and give each other facial reconstructive surgery to make us look like the two highest achievers at school: Bobert and Alan.
Gumball: Meanwhile, Dad will pose as Dane Prinella big red bus.
Richard[wearing a disguise] Fish n' chips.
Gumball: And we'll convince Alan and Bobert's parents to pay him the entrance fee for a made-up British boarding school called something really English like uh... Scotland; simultaneously paying off our debts and allowing us to replace them at school.
Richard: Ah, perfect and simple. What could go wrong?
[An empty street is shown, then Gumball, Darwin and Richard appear, running from several police cars and dropping dollars on the road.]
[At a store called "Chunky Bite", Nicole and Anais try to reconcile with Larry.]
Nicole[banging on door] Come on, Larry, let me in. I'm sure we can talk this through.
Larry: No! Every time I so much as look at a Watterson something terrible happens- [screams as something crashes] Okay, I take that back. Seems just talking to a Watterson's enough.
Anais: But don't you think a class action lawsuit is a slight overreaction for repeatedly scaring off your fiancé?
Larry[opens a small sliding door]: Every time you guys mess something up I have to pay for it out of my own wages. Why else do you think I have so many jobs?
Anais: Hmm, never thought about that before.
Nicole: Look, I'm tired of your attitude mister! I'm coming in there and we're going to shake hands and make up like adults.
Anais: Mom! You can't do that!
Nicole[starts to lift the door] Yes... [grows muscles and a monstrous voice] I can!
Anais: No, I mean you can't do that because he's got a- [Nicole forces the door open, Anais sighs]restraining order on us...
[In a jail room, Gumball, Darwin and Richard are being stared down by other inmates.]
Richard[whispers to Gumball and Darwin] Now, what you do when you arrive in prison, is you punch the biggest guy in the room, then no one w- [Darwin hits his knee] Ow!
Gumball: He said punch the biggest, not the fattest!
Darwin: Sorry.
Richard: Now it hurts here, [points at his knee] and here. [points at his heart]
[The door opens, Nicole and Anais enter. The door shuts behind them.]
Richard[relieved] Thank goodness, your mother's here to bail us out!
Anais[sighs] Not this time...
Gumball: What!? You're in here too? Ugh... hold on, that's alright. I'm sure some unforeseen detail that usually gets us off the hook is gonna pop up right... now.
Doughnut Sheriff[opens a small sliding door] Wattersons, you're free.
GumballDarwinAnaisNicole and Richard: Yes!
Doughnut Sheriff: remain silent! Otherwise, no dinner tonight. [closes door shut]
Gumball[sobs] Where's my happy ending?
Anais: This is the end guys, show's over.
[Everybody bows their head as the scene slowly fades to black.]
Gumball: No. [turns on light]
Richard: What?
Gumball: I said no! It doesn't end like this, not on my watch! They say we've gone too far but I say we haven't gone far enough. We're busting out of here! (points at a large inmate) Hey punk! My dad says that if his dog was as ugly as you, he'd shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards.
Richard[laughs nervously as the inmate looks at him angrily]
[Outside the prison, the wall explodes as Richard flies through it and into another wall. Richard gasps as his face swells into a huge bruise.]
GumballDarwin and Anais: Dad! [exit the room]
Nicole[shakes the prisoner's hand] Oh thank you, thank you. This is for breaking us out of here,[kisses the inmate on the cheek] and this is for punching my husband. [squeezes the inmate's hand so hard that he squeals like a little girl and collapses] Okay, what now?
Anais: I think Gumball was on to something. Up until now, every bad situation has gotten worse and worse until it somehow just fixed itself. There's only one solution left.
Richard: What is it?
Anais[hands out papers containing charges against them] Everyone take a problem partways and produce a problem more problematic than a problem of that proportion should probably be.
GumballDarwinNicole and Richard: Huh?
Anais: Just do what you do best. [evilly] Make things worse.

Murphy's Law realizedEdit

[At Elmore Junior High, Gumball and Darwin cause destruction and bedlam in the hallway.]
Gumball: It says here, that Mr. Small is suing us for giving him claustrophobia. That's how we got him stuck in the filing cabinet.
[Mr. Small's office, Darwin is showing Mr. Small an open envelope.]
Mister Small: Uhh...I'm sorry, but I don't see any kind of surprise for me inside- [Gumball pushes Mr. Small into the envelope]
Gumball: Sorry, sorry Mr. Small.
Darwin[licks the envelope seal] Do you think we've made things bad enough?
Gumball[thinks for a moment, then takes the envelope and folds it; Mr. Small continues screaming]There, now let's go and post him to the smallest country in the world.
[Gumball and Darwin leave, but Darwin returns to push Mr. Small's stuff off the table. At the Watterson house, Richard opens the freezer and gasps]
Richard: Kenneth! [Kenneth, frozen in the jar, is shown inside the freezer] The gross jar creature! [takes the jar] Are you sure this is a good idea?
Anais[Has a flashback of Kenneth attacking a helicopter in "The Microwave"] Yep. This is exactly what we need.
[Richard places Kenneth's jar into the microwave and warms him up. He thaws out quickly and opens an eye. At Hector's cave, Nicole is greeted by Hector.]
Hector: Hi, Mrs. Watterson. Did you come to give us the money you owe us?
Nicole: Uhh.. nah, I just need you to give your mom a message. [sharp inhale] Tell your mom... that she's so short she needs shoes for her chin. [cowers as Hector growls] Uhh, also... tell your mom she's so fat that her high school photo was a double page spread. [Hector growls again] And finally, tell your mom that she has so many warts... that her face spells "Ugly" in Braille.
[Nicole is running down the street, she grabs the Newspaper Employee's cellphone as a car flies into the ground behind her. Hector is seen chasing her and attacking everything in his path.]
Nicole: Okay, the plan worked pretty well! [dodges a car, and spills the Blue Repairman's drink.] How are you guys doing? Is Kenneth in good spirits?
Richard: Yup, it's pretty bad! [Kenneth throws a car into a house and grabs a bus full of students] He's eaten everyone on the bus! [A tire flies past him] ...and the bus!
[Anais, Nicole and Richard meet up, and find themselves in between Hector and Kenneth. Hector beats his chest as Kenneth roars at him, and they wrestle with each other.]
Richard: How do we get out of here? [Somebody whistles.]
Gumball[On the Senior Citizens' scooters with Darwin] Quick, jump on!
[The Wattersons get on the scooters and drive away, the Senior Citizens following behind them.]
Marvin: Hey! Come back with my scooter before I forget why I'm running after you!
[The Wattersons arrive home. Richard slams the door shut as an angry mob forms outside].
Richard: Well, I think we've pretty much ticked off the whole town.
Mr. Pepperoni: They dropped our baby!
Bomb Guy: They blew up my head!
Santa: They ran me over!
[Mr. Small and the Pink Bear break into a window]
Darwin: What do we do now!? [another window breaks]
Rob: They kicked me down a manhole!
Gumball: Ahh! They're getting in!
Purple Moose: They took my bus!
Marvin: They blew up my watch!
Richard[poking people with a broom] Somebody think of something, I can't hold 'em off forever!
Nicole: No! This is it! The end of the Wattersons!
Gumball: The only thing that could save us is reality being completely reset by some kind of magic device!
[The episode ends abruptly.]