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The metal is a two-part episode, released in United States on April 30 and in Latin America on April 5, here makes his second appearance Metal Gumball and the debut of Metal Sonic.

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Important FactsEdit

  • Metal Sonic debut
  • Its the second battle of Metal Gumball and Gumball
  • It is the first two-part episode


  • Gumball
  • Darwin ( Mr.D)
  • Anais
  • Penny
  • Metal Gumball
  • Metal Sonic (Debut)
  • Zack Silvia
  • Bobert ( Cameo)
  • Carmen (Cameo)


Since the defeat of Metal Gumball, he has decided to take revenge, so, he planned to build a super machine, but was wrong and instead of being stronger, brought another robot, Metal Sonic Sonic dimension, then we see that Gumball and Zack are again, arguing about Penny, Darwin, while eating a pizza hears a noise, is about to see, but it is not, then, Zack question is, but apparently says nothing, then go to investigate and find something.

Metal Sonic and Metal Gumball the Trap with Anais, they try to leave but can not, Penny has an idea in which all follow the instructions, but when leaving, Metal Gumball Darwin makes Mr.D, starts the fight, Metal Gumball sprayer lightning spear gumball, which enhances Metal Sonic, but defends Zack, Zack throws a green burst Metal Sonic, but half of Power, Mr. D throws a dark orb and blast goes straight to Penny, Anais tries to use an electric shock, but Mr.D catches it and returns it, they could not fight if there Seguia Mr.D, so, hurt, saw that opened a portal .......... .................

To be continued


  • Portal may be able to leave sonic
  • Darwin returns to Mr.D
  • It is revealed that Zack can use green power waves