The Mechanic is an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


When something goes wrong with the car, a mechanic is hired to fix it.


The episode begins with the Wattersons on the expressway. They are on their way to the mall until a check engine light comes on. Afterwards, Nicole exits the highway and pulls up to a nearby auto shop. The mechanic diagnoses it, only to find a loose gas cap. But due to his dishonesty, he lies and says that it needs a fuel injector cleaning, spark plug replacements, as well as an entire new timing belt. This totals up to $200 in parts and labor. This raises suspicion in Anais. After leaving the shop, the check engine light goes off.

After leaving the mall, the Wattersons go home. The next day, Nicole drives off to work, only to find the check engine light back on. She takes the car back to the shop. The mechanic diagnoses the same problem as before, a loose gas cap. But this time, he charges Nicole $70 to do an oil change. This starts to raise suspicion in Nicole too. But she goes ahead and pays for the oil change, and leaves afterwards.

The very next day, Nicole drives off to work again. Nicole finds the check engine light on again. But she, instead, goes to a different shop for a diagnoses and repair. This mechanic says that the gas cap was just loose> Nicole starts to get very suspicious of this. So she watches the car the next night to see who's tampering with it.

Later that night, Nicole finds a strange figure approaching the car. It turned out to be that same mechanic who charged her for the oil change and other repairs. Nicole gets really furious and just decides to go and confront him and threatens him in a huge way, demanding for her money back. The man refuses, and the next thing is Nicole ending up putting the man in the hospital, and still demands her money back. The man gives up, and pays Nicole back her money, ending the episode.

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