The Few The Tiny


Nicole:Family! I have great news! We

Zack, Richard, Mindy, Darwin, Gumball:Have more roommates.

Nicole:What? How'd you know?

Zack:Lady, this place is like a bed and breakfast!

Nicole:Please! It's not an Inn! Right, Space Ghost?

Space Ghost (on footon):Uh! 10 more minutes!

Anais:He said that 10 minutes ago.

Nicole:Well, anyway. This is a renouned physicist of Pasidena, Dreydon Cooper.

Dreydon:Hello, cats, winged bobcat, rabbits, and buzzed superhero.


Nicole: Now, Mr. Cooper, We have pancakes, bacon, waffles,-

Dreydon:NO need, I have my own breakfas from dunkin donuts.

Richard:(hand nears Dreydon's donut) MMMMM...


Richard:Aw...wait, why do you need a new house? 

Dreydon:You see, I've been working on a project called Decreasing Molecular Syncronization, and my roommate, Ricardo Hofstader kicked me out and thought I was crazy.

Richard: Right, deck raising cellular sink confrontation!

Dreydon:Well, I shall be eating in my room.

Nicole: OK, upstairs, 4 doors to the left.

4 days later...

Zack: Night dweebs. 

Darwin and Gumball: Night Zack.



Gumball, Zack, Darwin, Mindy, and Space Ghost burst in to Dreydon's room.

Mindy:Who broke in and what did he or she steal?

Dreydon :Roommates, I have just created, the first ever shrink ray.

Gumball: Oh really. I hardly believe that. If so, shrink me!

Dreydon: Really! Alright then!

Mindy: Should we be right next to him?


Mindy, Gumball, Darwin, Space Ghost, and Zack shrink.

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