The eve's house

This is their house on the outside

The Eve's house is a 2 story, 1 bathroom, 4 bedroom house.

Living roomEdit

The Eve's living room

Their living room

Their living room is a medium room with a couch and 2 chairs, a fire place, a flat screen TV, and some decorations. This room looks like a living room in a modern cabin.

Kitchen/Dining roomEdit

Dining room kitchen

Their kitchen/dining room

Their Kitchen/Dining room is beautiful and simple. 2 tables, a microwave, cabinets, and many other things. Their Kitchen/Dining room pulls off both looks, modern and classic.


Benson and Fiona's roomEdit

Benson and Fiona's room

Benson and Fiona's bedroom

This modern bedroom has a really good fashionable look. With a TV and master bed, this is like a king and queen's bedroom

Jason's bedroomEdit

Jason's room

Jason's room

This awesome yet kinda girly looking room has a bed and a small tv and laptop has a very modern look to it.

Matt's roomEdit

Matt's room

Matt's room

This room is the moderness one of all the other bedrooms. This bed room kind off looks like Jason's bedroom but a little different.

Lexi's roomEdit

Lexi's room
Mazzali- children and teenagers bedrooms

Lexi's room

has a great style which looks pretty and modern. It kind of looks like a princess' bedroom.

Kaylea's bedroomEdit

Kaylea's room

Kaylea's bedroom

This adorable bed room has a bunch of books and cute stuff. It also has an awesome little computer. This smart little girl has an awesome bed room.




This cute modern bathroom is bland but beautiful.


Hallway 1Edit

Hallway 1

Hallway 1

Hallway 1 is the beautiful back entrance. This classy back entrance is classic with a little moderness in the mix.

Hallway 2Edit

Hallway 2

Hallway 2

This beautiful front entrance has most of the books in the entire house. It also has a little gallery of family memories.


The eve's garage


This organized garage has everything sorted from old toys to new fabric softner and other e.t.c.


The eve's backyard


This backyard with a garden and a pool is nothing to be proud of but it's cute.



all bedrooms

Living room

kitchen/dining room

Hallway 1[half of stairs only]

Downstairs Edit

Hallway 2

Hallway 1 [ Most of it]