Emperor ****gibberish the 23rd




All on Zennu


Empress (wife) Princess Oom (daughter) BeeBaw(pet)

Emperor *gibberish* the 23rd is a ruler of Zennu, Gumball's native planet and country. His royal advisor is major of Elmore, Dorkus Aurelius. He likes to eat and loves The Wattersons. He has a 13 years-old daughter Princess Oom. He is shorter than Darwin and strong resembles us a chicken with a head of squid.


Despite his short height, Emperor is very mighty and wise. When he has no ideas, he calls his Royal first advisor, Mayor Dorkus Aurelius. Emperor takes care of his daughter Princess Oom and his pets, like BeeBaw, the bird. Emperor speaks with italian accent. He likes The Wattersons, especially Anais, because she is the most intellegent in the family. He hates Gumball and his mother a little, because they are cats and can eat BeeBaw.


He has got a daughter Princess Oom, wife Empress, and lots of members.

Voice Edit

  • Fred Tatasciore (US/UK)
  • Carlos Vitale (Spain, Mexico)
  • Gabriel LeDoze(France)

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