The Emo is an episode in Season 5 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Tyler invites Carrie over for a party and trash their house.


It starts with Carrie walking around when he sees Tyler who invites her over to his house for a party. Gumball and Darwin see the two walking to class. Miss Simian is then seen teaching the students about relationships of emos and Tyler and Carrie both got 100 percent in the test. They are sent to the principal's office to take them to the government. They say that the class will never see them again. Carrie then posesses Principal Brown to make him do random things. Carrie releases Principal Brown forcing him to let them go back to class. Tyler invites Carrie over to his house for a party. Carrie accepts and was told to meet him by 6 o' clock at night. They start the party and they begin to raid the fridge of its soda and continued to get chips. They eat everything at once before watching an SPG rated horror movie. They agree for the next party and the same result is provided.The Wattersons look at the many emos Carrie and Tyler have attracted. They go to buy e-tickets but they sold out in a split second. Tyler tells them that Elmore Junior High students can get all the tickets they want. The show appears to be an emo show. They watch it anyway. They all end up at the clinic to tell the doctors that they are sick. The symptom is Nothingtodowithanemoshowblowinguptheirmindsosis. The doctor says that it has absolutely no effect and goes away after 24 hours. The episode ends with The Wattersons, Tyler and Carrie partying in the clinic room.


•This is the first appearance of Tyler.

•It is revealed that The Gepto' house is opposite The Wattersons' house.


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