When TV star Richard Watterson's hit show, The Dark Rabbit, comes to an end, he visits his ex-wife, Nicole, and finds he has 3 children, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. He soon takes over the Watterson's law firm. 

Season One (2005)Edit

1. Pilot (The Dark Rabbit) February 6, 2005

2. Gaylord Of The Dance April 10, 2005

3. Judge In Court April 17, 2005

4. Darwin vs. Social Media Networking April 24, 2005

5. Being Seen May 1, 2005

6. The Rabbit Caper May 15, 2005

7. Fowl Ball May 22, 2005

8. Viva Lost Vegas June 12, 2005

9. Nicole vs. Great Britain June 19, 2005

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