Penny Fitzgerald (focused on, back-to-back major)

Darwin Raglan Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III (back-to-back major)

Gumball Tristopher Watterson (focused on, back-to-back major)

Mrs. Fitzgerald (minor)

Patrick Fitzgerald (minor)

Bobert (minor)

Evil Turtle (back-to-back major)

Mr. Cuddles (back-to-back major)

Daisy the Donkey (minor)

Tina Rex (minor)

Anais Watterson (minor)

Nicole Watterson (minor)

Richard Watterson (minor)

Alan (cameo)

Carmen (cameo)

Masami (cameo)

Banana Joe (cameo)

Ocho (cameo)

Carrie (back to back major)

Surprise Character in the Shadows (back-to-back major)

(intro is shown, then title screen with hospital music, with the heart monitor beating rapidly, but a steady beat, then a flatline when the title card time is up)

Gumball:NO! I shouldn't, I wouldn't and I will never!

Darwin:Come on man, give it a try!

Gumball:What's in it for me?


Gumball:Alright! Stop flipping out! You're scaring me. I'll do the double date!


Gumball:What's wrong?

Darwin:I stepped on a pinecone!

Gumball:And I think I know why we're out here NAKED IN THE WOODS!!!!!!!!



Darwin: I don't know either. Oh, there's our house! come on, let's go!


Nicole:Boys, Anais, it's time for school! Please wake up!

Anais:(drops her doll on Gumball)

Gumball:I'M UP! I'M UP ALREADY! Sheesh! Can't a kid sleep Anais?

Anais:It's not me, it's gravity.

Darwin:(still sleeps)

Nicole:Try to wake Darwin up please, thanks.

Gumball:(grabs an air horn, shakes it, and blows it, fingers crossed) WAKE THE HECK UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Darwin:(hops out and acts like Golden Freddy from FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) and then gets up and shoves the air horn in Gumball's mouth, but then he burps it out)

(the kids get ready for school, but don't take the bus, instead, they walk with Penny to school)

Darwin:Hey, Penny. You look low, what's up?

Gumball:(to self) Darn! I should've said that.

Penny:It's just that, I just feel like I'm not cool enough to be on the team.

Gumball:Here. Take my MP3 player. And my headphones. They'll give you enough swag that they'll love you.

Penny:But not more than you, of course. (giggles)


Penny:(turns on MP3 player and an awesome song comes on and Penny dances like she's never danced before) THIS SONG IS AWESOME SAUCE! (slips on Banana Joe on accident and falls, HARD) Ow! (starts crying due to the pain)

Gumball:OH NO PENNY! What happened?

Banana Joe:She slipped on my peel. Whateves, I ain't helpin'. (walks off)

Darwin:Oh no!


Darwin:She's bleeding!

Gumball:And? You sounded like you had to say something else.

Darwin:Your MP3 player broke.

Gumball:Aw man! That was $50! But it's alright.

Penny:Don't just stand there! Call 911!

Gumball:(pulls out his phone and puts it on the dial screen) What's the number for 911?

Darwin:I don't know!!!!!!!!

Penny:(sobs more) It's strictly 911!

Gumball:Oh. THE STUPID SCHOOL DIDN'T TEACH ME THAT STUFF! (calls 911) (rapidly) Pick up, Pick up, PICK UP!

Answerer:911, what's your emergency?

Gumball:My girlfriend fell and is struggling to get up! She's bleeding too! Can you please help?!

Answerer:Okay, we just need to know your location.

Gumball:Between 1805 and 1807, a mile from Elmore Junior High.

Answerer:Okay, I'm sending an ambulance over your way.

Gumball:Thank you very much.

(an ambulance goes to the place)

Penny:I'm gonna try my other forms.

(1 minute later)

Penny:None of them work! (starts crying again)

Gumball:Look! There they are!

(they park, pop out the bed, and load the back up with people, Gumball and Darwin are in there too)

Gumball:(starts to tear up too) This is the saddest thing I ever saw!

Darwin:Don't cry man, because if you do, I do. You know the drill! (starts sobbing)

(in the hospital)

Patrick:Is she gonna be alright?

School Nurse:She's fine. We've examined her leg and all she needs is a cast.


Gumball:Actually, I'm a cat.

Penny:Dad, leave Gumball alone, he didn't do this!

Ocho:(does his 2x up 2x down 2x left, right B, A trick and a boombox appears) B, A. (Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae comes on and he does the break your legs part, as a pun for Penny)

Penny:Ha, ha. VERY funny Ocho.

Gumball:Penny, I got this. Hey, Carrie.


Gumball:Can you possess my body?

Carrie: I'd love too.

(they scare Ocho away, then Carrie hops out)

Gumball:Well, that was easier than I thought.

Darwin:Can we have her with us? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase? (puppy eyes)

Richard:(busts in through the door) Yeah, of course! You're gonna miss a few several days of school, but not like I care about the world!!!

Carrie, Darwin, Gumball, and Penny:YEAH!!!!!!

(they go home and they put Penny on the living room couch, Gumball goes to bed for a nap, Darwin plays a game on the computer, and Carrie pigs out on Nicole's cookies (idk either))

Nicole:Carrie! Why are you pigging out on my cookies from Larry's store?! And why are you 4 home from school early?!

Carrie:Um, this is hard to explain...(blushes)

Penny:I kind of, broke my leg and Carrie's watching me while the others rest.

Nicole:Well, get the rest of them in here right NOW!

Carrie:We're taking turns, chill! Good grief, lay off the steroids, will ya?

Nicole:(has a temper tantrum) NEVER BACKTALK AN ADULT! AND I'M NOT ON STEROIDS, I'M JUST- (gets distracted by Evil Turtle) Oh yes, I forgot to feed our pet, the evil turtle! (chuckles sheepishly)

Evil Turtle:(spots Mr. Cuddles on the couch with Penny, then does his sinister laugh and goes over there)

Mr. Cuddles:(does a put-'em-up pose and attacks Evil Turtle)

(the pets fight with each other and no one notices)


Gumball:(dreams about him and Penny before she broke her leg, then remembers the double date in the dream, not realizing it's not real, then after an image with Banana Joe on there with the words " She's mine now!, " he wakes up)

Darwin:Oh, about time.

Gumball:What do you mean?

Darwin:I needed someone to play Ultra Fight Friends with me.

Gumball:OF COURSE!

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