The Belcourts are a family that is half irish and half french.

                              The Belcourts house

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The Belcourts loves the Wattersons and  hate the Fitzgeralds.They are the richest family in Elmore!!!!!!!                   

Family MembersEdit

Dianne (irish and french)

Alec (irish)

Abbey (irish)

Lucienne (french)

Ajay (american)


  • The location is 1030 York street, Vallejo California.
  • Lucienne's room is upstairs to the left.
  • There are approximately 31 rooms in the house.
  • Ajay's room is in the basement.
  • Abbey's room is the front of the staircase.
  • Dianne and Alec's room is upstairs to the right.
  • There are 5 bathrooms, 9 rooms, 3 kichens, 2 living rooms, 5 showers, 1 steam shower, 2 basements, 1 infinity pool, 1 pool, 1 hottub and 1 spa, 1 dancing studio, 1 roller rink, 1 ice rink and 1 arcade.
  • They have a wii U, xbox, and a playstation and a computer and 6 tvs.

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