The Amazing World of Gumball II
The Amazing World of Gumball II title screen
Genre Animation
Format 2D computer graphics
3D computer graphics
Created by Ben Bocquelet
Country of origin United Kingdom
United States
Original Language English
Number of Seasons 77 (planned)
117 (ordered)
Number of Episodes 1800+ (planned)
2400+ (ordered)
Running time 11 minutes (1 & 2 segments)
22 minutes (3 segments)
30 minutes (specials)
Production company Nickelodeon Animation Studios (2016-2064)
Banana Studios (2065-2113)
TheJasbre202 TV (2114-future)
US TV Parental Guidelines Rating TV-PG-FV
Canadian TV Rating G
Australian TV Content Rating G
Ireland TV Content Rating Ch
Polish TV Rating 7
India TV Content Rating U
Philippines TV Content Rating G

The Amazing World of Gumball II is a hypothetical British/American animated fanon children's television series created for Nickelodeon as a fanon to the original Amazing World of GumballProduced primarily by Nickelodeon Studios, the series first aired on somewhere in the years of airing on 2016 to 2126 (110 Years of Airing)


As an anniversary of the original The Amazing World of Gumball series, the production team decided to create a sequel made both towards adults (children as of this time) and children of the future.


This series is based on the misadventures of Gumball Watterson and his family. They have new occupations and some have children of their own. While in most episodes, Gumball is the main character, his son George is also the main character in some episodes. one of the Banana Studios's most popular show like (SpongeBob Fanon)


Major charactersEdit

  • Gumball Watterson - He is a male blue cat in his 10s. Like in his childhood is is still playful and optimistic, but a hard working thrift store cashier.
  • Darwin Watterson - A orange male fish in his late-teens. He also works in Gumball's thrift store. He is now very mature and convincing to his adoptive brother and his nephews.
  • Penny Fitzgerald - A female brown peanut with antlers about Gumball's age. She is a gymnast and an Olympic gold medalist. She also won the Elmore Marathon.
  • George Watterson - A cyan male cat-fairy hybrid that's about 8. Has an attitude somewhat like Gumball. He likes video games, roughhousing and is very mischievous. He is also referred to as "Snowball".
  • Sally Watterson - A small peanut with antlers with the appearance of her mother. She is very interested in playing with dolls, like her aunt Anais.
  • Harry Watterson - A dog that, like Darwin, a pet that had the ability to speak, grow and walk bipedally. He is very smart and clever and is also has traits of his adoptive aunt.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Anais Watterson - A pink bunny in her early teens that is a scientist and a philosopher. She has graduated college around age 10 and has a doctorate in psychology and physics.
  • Nicole Watterson - An elderly cat that is already retired from her job, but is still a cleaning lady and does everything to keep the house clean. She is also very cranky.
  • Richard Watterson - An elderly bunny that is lazy and sleeps alot. He has sight and hearing impairment and always put his wife more cranky.
  • Carrie Kruger -A ghost who is Darwin's selfless (and somtimes aggressive) girlfriend and Gumball's future sister-in-law. She is very wise and goes into a rampage very rarely.
  • Idaho - A potato who lives at the rural area in Elmore.


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Home mediaEdit

It has 8 DVD and Blu-ray discs for each series, packed with deleted scenes, production teams and interviews and trivias.


This series is aired on Nickelodeon in Australia, USA, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The series is also aired on Teletoon in Canada, on Go! in Australia, and on TV5 in the Philippines. The series aired on Banana Studios from 2065 to 2113 and to moved for TheJasbre202 TV on 2114