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Like any other wiki, we have rules. And the administration makes sure those rules are follow to ensure order and user conduct on this wiki. We recommend new users to read this before editing to keep this in mind so they can know what's acceptable and what is unacceptable on this wiki.

General rules

This is a list of the rules of this wiki in general. Here are the most generalised rules here:

  • No vandalism.
    • Vandalism includes removing content from pages or adding gibberish, intentionally for the destruction of pages.
  • Vandalism should not be confused for editing closed pages, as some unwanted edits are meant in good faith, even though they're not authorised to edit it.
  • No spam.
    • Spamming includes unofficially advertising links on pages, blogs, forums, comments or on chat to encourage or persuade users to come to a non-affiliated site, or creating useless pages full of gibberish or repetitive words and phrases.
    • Spam should not be confused with affiliation requests, links to other wiki's in case if it's cross-wikied or links of wikis that a user contribute on their user page.
  • No trolling.
    • Trolling includes harassment, bullying, threats, personal attacks and discrimination towards a user.
  • No sexual or violence-themed fanon.
    • This includes articles or images containing porn, nudity, gory violence, shock and mutilations. This is for the integrity of younger contributions.


Here are rules in editing and creating pages.

Creating pages

  • Write the title of the article with both the character or episode, along with the name of the series (like this: Series:Name or like this: Name (Series).)
  • The title should not contain profanity, names of sexual body parts, anything relating to sex or violence, insults, threats or spammy names.
  • This is a fanon/fan fiction wiki. So articles should not talk about the real shows based on the series of focus, The Amazing World of Gumball. Go to The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki instead.
  • Do not write fanon/fan fiction articles based on series not based on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki, so no Adventure Time or Spongebob Squarepants fan fiction here.

Editing pages

These are the rules on editing pages.

Open pages

  • Some pages on this wiki are open to contributors. This means that you are welcome to edit the page. However, there will be no vandalism, spam or blanking of any page with this editing restriction status.
    • Some open pages, however are open for adoption, meaning that you can claim the series as your own. To request for adoption, go to this page. However, not all open pages are open for adoption

Closed pages

  • Most pages are closed, so the author/owner and users with the author's/owner's permission to edit the author's/owner's closed article are the only ones to edit such pages.
  • If you would like to give suggestions or ask for edit permissions of closed pages that are not your's, discuss it on the page's talk page or with the author/owner him/herself.
  • Any unauthorised edits of closed pages will be reverted most likely by the administration or the author.
  • Editing closed articles that aren't yours on a small scale and are in good faith will not be consider as vandalism and you may receive a warning, and the edit will be reverted. However, if done in a large, constant scale or as trolling, the admins will take action,

Talk pages

  • The talk page a page not to add topic, but to discuss, or give suggestions about the article.
  • There will be no profanity, arguments, insults, bullying or discrimination written on talk pages.

User pages

  • The user page may only be edited by the user that owns the page. So, no edits on other people's user page.
  • Exceptional edits include organising and marking user rights.
  • If the user page belongs to a bot, only the operator may edit it.

User talk pages

  • User talk pages are to give warnings, discuss with and notifying users.
  • Don't write insults, profanity, spam or remove messages on other user' talk page.


  • Blogs are for personal announcements and statements.
  • Blogs should not contain spam or to be used for trolling.


  • The forum page is to give general announcements, ask questions, get answers and get social.
  • Do not troll, spam, discriminate, use profane language or insult other users.


  • Don't spam, troll or bully other users.

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