David "Dave" Patterson : A 9 Year Old Light Blue Fish , He Is Friends With Ron , He Also Attempt's

"Starmore Middle School" & Lives In "Starmore Town" With His Family , His Worst Enemy Is "West"

, In Season 1 , He Was Originally Voice By "Cameron "Takeshi" Junpan , But In Season 2 - Present , He

Was Voice By Ben Mershlougnel

Robin "Robbi" Patterson : A 8 Year Old Light Blue Rabbit , She Was Bossy In Season 1 , But

Maked Great Reactions With Ron & Dave In Season 2 , She Does Attempt "Starmore Middle School"

, But Goes To A 2nd Grade Class , In The Episode "The Movie" , She Make's A Sad Face Whenever

Ron & Dave Are Late , In Season 1 , She Was Originally Voice By Kathy Natean , But In Season 2 - Present ,

She Was Voice By Rebecca Evans

More Coming Soon

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