Richard Watterson, TV star, decides to move in with his ex-wife in serene Elmore, California. Meanwhile, Gumball decides to become a Super Bowl XXXIX player. 


(On television, an episode of The Dark Rabbit is playing)

Richard: I know you did it. Just admit that you did. It would be better if you did, Margaret.

Margaret: I did. How did you know? Who told you?

Richard: You. Just. Did. She's all yours, Gordon.

Margaret: What? D*** you Cotton-Tailed Cavalier! D*** you!

Richard: A man can only know by un-knowing the unbeknownst.

Margaret: What does that mean?

Richard: I dunno. But take her away, cops!

(Outside the tv, Richard and Nicole are watching the TV)

Richard: So how are things going with you?

Nicole: Well, I got engaged to a locksmith, then I had two kids, bought a pet fish, then he got legs, and now he's a family member.

Richard: Oh, that's okay--- Wait, kids? 

Nicole: Yes, it is a struggle without you. I'm growing bald from stress. Touch my head.

Richard: Uh, are you sure? 

Nicole: Just do it.

(Richard touches her forehead)

Richard: Eww, that is bald.

Nicole: Yeah, but I have all my hairs from the 14 years since I've seen you. There's Pre-Gumball--

(Richard interrupts)

Richard: Yeah, that's enough. Literally, do you even use shampoo?

(The TV they are watching turns to a commercial advertising Super Bowl XXXIX)

Gumball: Oh, hey Mom, watcha up to? (Notices Richard) Is that the Dark Rabbit!?

Nicole: He's also known as Baldus Daddus. Or your father.

Gumball: What's that on TV?

Richard: It's a thing called the Super Bowl where two football season winners battle. 

Gumball: Can I play?

Richard: Of course not. Money doesn't just fall from the sky, son.

(Just above the Watterson residence is two hillbillies on their way to see the Super Bowl)

Hillbilly #1: Good thing we have all this money.

(The money falls off the blimp)

Hillbilly #2: Man. Well, I guess we're going back to Tacoma.

(The money drops right in the house)

Richard: Okay, son. I'll buy you some football equipment, a treadmill, and then, we're off to the Super Bowl!

Gumball: (in a sing-songy tone) We're going to the Super Bowl! (Repeats, then Darwin and Anais join in)

Nicole: I'm going upstairs to take my medicine.

(Walks upstairs to her bed)

Good night, America.

(Falls flat on her face on the bed)

Later, at the Super Bowl...

(The Watterson car drives right into the Jacksonville stadium)

New England Patriots Coach: Watterson, you're late. We're playing Philidelphia and we're down by 1.

Gumball: Okay!

(Gumball throws the ball. It doesn't make it, so Richard kicks it into the end zone)

Coach: Well, you win Rookie of the Year. 

The Wattersons: Yay!!!

Coach: But we'll need to take your trophy to pay off your fines from not being at the rest of the games.

(Episode ends)

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