More Pressure is the Sequel of The Pressure


Gumball and Darwin escaped out of elmore and changed theyre life in Las Vegas



Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson












Tina Rex



Richard Watterson

Nicole Watterson

Doughnut Sherrif

Anais Watterson

Gaylord Robinson


[Episode Starts At Treehouse]

Masami:"i dont want this happen aigan stop that with boyfriends i know that"

Masami:"Molly's one is Banana Joe,Carmen and Alan,Me and Tobias,Rachel and Max,Leslie and Zack,Tina and Hector and Penny and Gumball and ah nevermind"

Penny:*Thinking* "But i think Zack is in love with me but i have Gumball Already"

Carrie:"Now i can date Darwin Nicodemius Ahab watterson III"

Everyone is Staring at Carrie

Carrie:"What? im not exaggerating"

Penny"Never say that anymore"

Near the hut hears girls something and looking to the girls

[Near Molly's Treehouse]

Gumball:*Breathing*"This time i will not fail!" *skates and gets over the car but trips* Ouch!

Zack:"Gosh loser! failed aigan Dumb!"

Idaho:*Laughs* i will put this on internet *Runs to nowhere of the camera*

Penny:*Gets Mad*"Gumball failed aigan i hate this"

Darwin:"The Girls are looking us"

Zack:*Screams to penny*"Penny do u hear me!!! hey Penny!"

Penny's Mind:"Just ingore that guy and only think at Gumball"

Zack:"She doen'st hear me"

Darwin:"Well she only thinks at gumball"*Walks away*

Gumball:"Okay Darwin and Idaho walked away so ill do it too" *Walks away*

Zack:*Walks away too* Me too

[At Watterson's House Yard]

Gumball:"Ok lets play us game"

Darwin:"throw it to the board!"*Throws it to board"

Gumball:"Pick a card!"

Gumball:*Reads* kiss a boy or girl blindfolded *scares with Darwin*

Darwin:"Okay were dead"

Gumball:"Lets escape elmore"*Runs away*

Gumball and Darwin runs out of Elmore with Suitcase of clothes and lugagge

Darwin:"We escaped elmore what we must do Gumball?"

Gumball:"Going to Las Vegas?"


At the Plane Station

Gumball:"2 Tickets for Las Vegas"

Marvin:"Well ok The plane is Plane 9"*Gives 2 tickets to Las vegas*

They must check the customs and theyre getting in the plane 9

3 Hours later

Pilot:"We are going down to Las Vegas"

At Wattersons House outside the front door are Nicole and Richard crying

Doughnut Sherrif:"We found in all places your kids but theyre not founded"

Richard:"Oh no!" *cries*

At Las Vegas Motel

Gumball:"Lets forget that game all i want need is this hotel and u"


Butler:"Ok heres the Lemon"

Zack:"We gonna miss them!"*cries*

Penny:"Hmmm now theyre gone we can look new boyfriend....." *holds Zack's hand* i have one!



Zack:*Is happy* Cool!

Carrie:"Hey Bobert do u want be my new boyfriend?"

Bobert:"Ok good then"

At Las Vegas casino

Gumball:"This is nice yeah now we get it!"

Board shows Gumball and Darwin with text with legal guys

Gumball:"Uh oh" *Slips to escape with darwin and runs*

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley sounds

Darwin:"we cant hold it anymore!"

Gumball and Darwin falls


Everyone is chasing Gumball and Darwin outside Las Vegas but Gumball and Darwin toke the bus

At Robbinson's House

Mr Robinson:"I miss those guys"

Gumball and Darwin comes out the bus

Mr Robinson:"Guys!"

Mr Robinson hugs Gumball and Darwin

Mr Robinson:"Im Glad ur back"

Margaret comes out the door and Richard and Nicole and Anais Too

Nicole:"My kids is back" *Hugs Gumball and Darwin*

Penny comes out Elmoreders

Penny and Gumball are Kissing and Darwin and Carrie too

Zack:"Well this is good its ok Bobert right?"



[Epilogue starts at the yard of Wattersons house]

Gumball:"Ok that card is COMPLETED!!!"

Darwin:"High five gumball"

Gumball & Darwin jumps in the air and they high fives


Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley


  • This episode is the sequel of Pressure