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Lucienne Dixie Belcourt is a french cat that is Abbey's bigger sister.

She is the main character in "The Meet".

Apperance  Edit

She is a 13 years old fuchsia color cat with middle-sized blond orange red and brown hair and wears black boots, a red skirt with a yellow flor da lee, eiffel tower white scarf with black stripes, a silver shirt, a flor da lee barrett and the french flag earings.     

Personality   Edit


Lucienne likes gymnastics, rolller skating and ice skating. She becomes Gumball Watterson's girlfriend. She tries to forgive Penny Fitzgerald but she won't forgive Lucienne because she took Gumball and and became more popular than her. She doesn't really care for her dad (Alec Belcourt) that much. She loves her mom (Dianne Belcourt). Lucienne and Gumball have a roller skating/ ice skating/ gymnastics show in Elmore. 

Relatives                                        Edit

. Dianne Belcourt (mother)   

. Alec Belcourt (father)   

. Abbey Belcourt  (sister)                 

. Ajay Belcourt (Lucienne's pet lizard)

Place of origin and residentEdit


France (place of origin) Elmore (resident of Elmore)                            

"There are some special people in Elmore but you are the most special, Gumball, you stuck up to me and no one stuck up for me and you were there for me"     


                                           -Lucienne telling Gumball when they started to like each other.



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