Erika Neolyan
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Shadow Woman
Age: 40s
Friends: Nicole Watterson
Relatives: Solomon Neolyan (husband), Blake Neolyan (son)
Occupation: Rainbow Factory Saleswoman
Color Scheme
coat cloth outlines

Erika Neolyan is the mother of the Neolyan family.


Erika is a shadow woman who got married into the Neolyan Crime Family. She is the wife of Solomon Neolyan, and Blake's mother.

She got a job at the Rainbow Factory, where she met Nicole Watterson. The two of them got acquainted and became fast friends.

But when the Wattersons found the Neolyans have mafia connection, and are planning to use them for the nefarious purposes, things get tense between both families. When Nicole attempted to stop them, but was easily dispatched by Erika. To everyone's surprise, it is revealed that she has the same mean streak as Nicole. But unlike Nicole, she "mastered" it.

Erika and her family have the ability to turn into actual shadows, and travel around on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

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