Dorkus Aurelius




Green human


same as adult characters


Gumball, Darwin, Pinter , Doppy, Anais, Emperor, Nicole , Richard, Penny and each other except Tina and Jamie

Voiced by

Jeff Bennet


unnamed parents

Marcus "Dorkus" Aurelius is Mayor of Elmore and Emperor's first Advisor. He likes to help all people in Zennu. In school he was very active.


He likes very much to help Emperor. He looks skinny, tall and wear a black robe. He completes Emperor's task successfully. Sometimes, when he has got an enemy, he tries get rid of him.


  • His name is parody on Marcus Aurelius.
  • He likes make potions and make experiments with Gumball and Darwin.
  • His pet Pinter goes to school every working day.
  • He helps Gumball do his homework.
  • In Nickelodeon's Planet Sheen , spin-off of Adventures of jimmy Neutron Boy Genius and Amazing World of Gumball, he will be main villain.

Voice Edit

Jeff Bennet-(US/UK)

Luiz Miguel Perez-(Spain/Mexico)

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