Name: Deema Shpilzen Age: 12 Gender: Female Occupation: Student Friends: Almost everyone Enemies: Teri, Molly, Gumball and Darwin


Deema is a really dimwitted, but cute and friendly three eyed girl (Triclops). She is willing to find friends and help anyone of any age or feelings.


She has indigo blue hair, turquoise skin, purple shirt with lavender and dark lavender sleeves, also lavender shorts. She has sky blue eye outsides and indigo eye pupils. Deema wears grey-blue bunny slippers. She has dark turquoise hands.


Gumball and Darwin often annoy Deema and they pester her with random questions. They used to be friends until they burned her house down. It was accident, but she won't forgive them for that.

Other school mates: She is friends with almost everyone at school, she even calmed Tina down once. Her enemies are Teri and Molly

Rob the Cyclops: Deema is deeply in love with "Noodle Boy" or now "Dr.Wrecker". She keeps trying to get her to remember him, but something doesn't add up. He does remember a bit, however, but he is just not sure if it's the Deema he knows.


●Deema's third eye holds mythical and majestic powers, but she hasn't really realised it yet. ●Her full name is Deemaline Nyonkorpf Pipling Shpilzen ●In the early reel she had an 'underwater-ish' voice, it was changed at season 1 and it is kept current by now. ●She was sent to a school room with forever detentioned students, where she had found her long lost four eyed brother, Landon Shpilzen. ●Deema has three eyes just like her father, Noskel. Her mom, Natonia, however has 9 eyes.

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