A Stay At The Nightmare House is a movie of The Amazing World of Gumball



gumball , darwin , and anais are walking home from school 1 day , and gumball can't remember where their house is ! they find a old house and spend the night there , unaware of the danger that will befall them ! darwin finds a tv and turns it on , but there's nothing on , just snow ! anais searches the kitchen for a phone and finds a old newspaper with a article that reads "teenage girl brutally murdered in her bedroom ! her boyfriend was the only 1 with her and claims it was supernatural forces" gumball goes upstairs and finds a dirty hat on the floor in the bedroom , then he goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink , which runs blood instead of water , scaring the daylights outta him ! gumball rushes downstairs to tell anais and darwin what he saw ! they go up to check and see blood all over the floor ! anais says it's too late to do anything , as night falls , and they all go to bed ! darwin has a dream where he's running through a undersea coral field while being chased by a shark , who is freddy krueger in disguise , and freddy eats darwin , killing him , and anais has a dream where she's surrounded by morons and is killed by freddy krueger , who turns her into a globe and smashes her , and finally , gumball has a dream where he's out in the middle of nowhere and sees freddy appear before him , saying "yeeeesssss ! freddy's back in business !" freddy attacks gumball , who tries to fight back and knocks a boulder onto freddy , who says "you think you got what it takes ? hahahahaha" gumball claws his eye out , but freddy grows it back and stabs gumball in the back of the head with his clawed glove !