In a dark,empty room.



George:I said hello?!!!!!!I know it's you Harry,and Sally,so don't lie to me!!!(Touches the floor)Aha!I got you now!-(falls into booby trap,hanging from a rope)

Sally:You mean we got you now!

George:Why are you doing this?It's just a TV show.

Harry:That's the problem!


We really regret this,

but enough is enough

living in this TV show

is getting really tough.

You took away my all dolls,

you turned our lives, into a child's play.

And it's only been a day~

It's gotta stop.

George:Is your stupid song over now?

Sally:Unless you can undo all this mess in 15 minutes.

George:(Switches a flashlight at a clock. It shows 7:45pm)15 MINUTES!!!!

Mom's gonna be back any minute!

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